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End of Tenancy Cleaning Virginia Water specializes in End of Tenancy Cleaning in Virginia Water. You just kick the stress out of move in move out of your property and let the experts handle it for you with our skilled team of professional End of Tenancy cleaners in Virgina water

We know that the most concerned part of the End of Tenancy Cleaning for you is to see the property pass the landlord’s final inspection.

As we have been providing move in move out cleaning services for over a decade by now, this makes us experts in our job and we know the exact spots which are specially checked by the land lords.

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Apart from that we have all the checklists with us which usually the landlords bring while conducting the final inspection.

Book us and get your deposit back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just contact our Virginia Water End of Tenancy cleaning team right now.

Below is the list of services included in End of tenancy cleaning in Virginia Water:

Living Areas and Bedrooms

Removal of Cobwebs from ceilings / wall edges and general dusting​
Spot cleaning on doors, frames and walls​
Radiator cleaning from front and bottom​
Light switches and plug sockets​
Cleaning of Light fittings/lampshades
All Carpets vacuum cleaning ​
Windows, sills, frames and tracks/poles cleaning​
Window blinds would be cleaned​
Skirting boards and surface tops dusted​
Stair case, skirts cleaning
Neat Clean room appearance​
Dusting and polishing of furniture​
Cleaning inside wardrobes and chest of drawers​
Cleaning behind and underneath the furniture


Limescale removal from taps, polishing​
Limescale removal from shower cabins
Soap scum removal from soap dishers and splashback tiles​
Cleaning of shower trays, tiles and all plug inlets​
Showerhead unclogging and limescale removal​
Bathroom furniture cleaning and polishing​
Cobwebs and water spots removal​
Bathtubs scrubing and disinfection​
All Windows, frames, sills and tracks cleaning​
Cleaning and dusting of blinds​
Skirting boards dusting and wipe down​
Mirrors cleaning and shining​
Basins and vanity units cleaning​
Waterline marks underneath basin removal​
Toilets bowls cleaning, scaling.​
Washing and disinfection of floors​
Light switches and Plug sockets cleaning​
Light fittings and Lampshades cleaning​
Rubbish removal from dust bins​​
Mantle pieces and fire place cleaning​
Cleaning of underneath stair cupboards​
Cleaning of utility rooms, shelves and appliances​
Waterline marks beneath basins and toilets


Sink limescale removal, cleaning and shining​
Tap limescale removal and polishing​
Tile splash back wipe cleaning​
Windows, sills, frames, wall hanging and poles​
Skirting boards dusting and wipe down​
Kitchen appliances cleaning (microwave/toaster)​
Refrigerator cleaning / bleach inside and out​
Freezer cleaning / bleach inside and Out​
Washing machine tray and rim cleaning​
Dishwasher soap trays, edges and drains​
Oven cleaning inside and out​
Oven rack and oven trays cleaning
Extractor degreasing and shining, inside and out​
Work tops cleaning and disinfection​
Kitchen cupboards/drawers cleaning​
Tables, chairs and furniture cleaning and polishing​
Floors vacuum cleaning, mopping and disinfection​
Rubbish removal from bins
Cobweb removal from ceilings and dusting​
Light switches and plug sockets cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Virginia Water provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free re-clean if you are not happy with the provided cleaning.

We do Not cover heavy de-greasing of extractor fan fins, walls and tiles. Secondly if it has been damaged by cooking oils then please let us know in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions?​​

  1. Q) How Long does the move in move out cleaning takes?
  1. A) It totally depends on the job. We will give you an estimated time when you get the quote from us.

​​Q) How Many Cleaners will Come for my cleaning?​

  1. A) There is a team of 2 – 4 cleaners, the exact count depends on the size of the property.

​Q) Do you Bring your own products & equipment?

  1. A) Yes, we bring all of our own products and equipment while cleaning.
  1. Q) Is it Fully Insured?
  1. A) Yes its dully insured, public liability and employer liability insured.

​Q) Do you provide invoices and receipts?

  1. A) Yes

​Q) Is it to the inventory standard?

  1. A) Yes we follow a strict self made checklist to make sure that you get your deposit back without any deduction.

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What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is name given to a deep cleaning of the tenanted property before a new tenant moves in.

Did You Know?

General or non non-professional cleaning is the major cause of dispute between landlords and tenants at the end of tenancy.

Do We Need Tenancy Cleaning?

For Landlords:

Ensures your property is spotless for the new tenant moving in.

For Tenants:

Most likely required by your tenancy agreement.

What If You Don’t?

In most cases your estate agent or landlord is withing their rights to deduct the cost of cleaning from your deposit.

For better cleaning and hassle free service, hire professional tenancy cleaners.