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Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service makes sure that your moving out cleaning job satisfies the lease or contract terms and conditions.

The services we provide are also for persons moving in moving out of rented residence, landlords and estate agents selling their home or offices.

We make sure to provide a top quality end of tenancy cleaning services in Gillingham with attention to every minute detail and our experience has broadened our understanding about the demands of clients who are Moving out.

We proudly give a speedy, reliable, thorough and affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning service. Our specialized cleaning team is fully equipped with everything that is required to perform the job in an effective manner.

Hire Tenancy Cleaning Services

We offer tailor-made quotes, services and can carry out all cleaning jobs you would expect from a highly professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

Our house cleaning services include carpet cleaning and inside window cleaning, to steam cleaning bathrooms and kitchens / Living Room / Hall Ways / Corridors / Patios / entrance ways.

We pride our self in employing a fast and efficient End of Tenancy Cleaning team which work to make our customers 100% satisfied and assist them to claim their deposit amount after a successful inspection visit by the landlord.

Our cleaning staff is the most advanced in the area, well trained and groomed. Record checked and properly vetted.

Hiring professional tenancy cleaners in Gillingham assures your landlord is bound to praise the cleaning and make arrangements for your security deposit refund on immediate basis, as he would not find even a smallest of an area within the house which we be left uncleaned.

The landlord would be forced to loose the battle of finding any flaw in the cleaning, and would be left without any option but to return the complete deposit.

The prices we offer vary from job to job, specific area to be cleaned or not , not forgetting the size of your house or the area to be cleaned. We offer quality services as well as being reliable, flexible and convenient

Below is our End of Tenancy Cleaning task list:

Kitchen: We clean all kitchen cupboards inside/outside and clean tops; Wipe clean microwave oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer (including seals). Wiping of all kitchen work tops and tiles, Vacuuming the loose dirt and dust and mop surface floors, de-scale and clean sink and all the sanitary equipment in the kitchen, damp wipe of all window ledges, skirting boards, kick boards, door frames, door tops and radiator.

Bathrooms: We steam clean the bath room floors and toilet, Cleanse and de-scale bath & showers, shower doors and wall tiles, Scrubbing and de-scaling basin, wiping of all surfaces, Cleaning mirrors, wiping skirting boards and doors / door frames, wiping and polishing radiator.

Toilets: Cleaning and sanitizing toilet, wash basin, wiping down the walls and woodwork.  Vacuum cleaning and mopping floors.  De cob webbing.

Bedrooms: Vacuum cleaning and mop (if necessary), Cleaning mirrors, Removing litter, Removing cobwebs, Cleaning windows inside-out, Dusting and washing window sills and ledges, Vacuum cleaning carpets, Cleaning inside and outside cupboards and wardrobes, Cleaning of all light fittings.

Living room: Vacuum cleaning and mop (if necessary), Vacuum cleaning the carpet, Cleaning mirrors, Cleaning and polishing all surfaces, wiping of skirting boards and doors/frames, Removing cobwebs, Cleaning the windows inside and outside, Dusting and washing window sills and window frames, Removing litter.

Hallway, Stairs, Landing and Porch: Vacuum cleaning and mop (if necessary), Vacuum cleaning all carpet edges, Cleaning mirrors, wiping skirting boards and doors/frames, Removing cobwebs, cleaning inside windows.

Conservatory: Vacuum cleaning and mop (if necessary), Removing cobwebs, Cleaning the skirting boards, Cleaning inside windows, patio doors and all frames.

Free Carpet Steam Cleaning

Benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaning rental:

  • You don’t have to carry out the tiresome activity on your own.
  • You can pay and watch all the work happening in front of you.
  • If you are not satisfied with the work, you can always ask the agency to do it again.
  • You can ask for discount next time your hire us.
  • Customer is always right policy is applied to us, you can always criticize us for our services and also appreciate for the right ones
  • On special requests we can even carry out rug cleaning services for you at very low rates.

Junk House Clearance Services

We also offer complete junk house clearance services. So, if you need to get rid of any furniture, fixture or junk item, just let us know.

Call us now and book your end of tenancy cleaning in Gillingham.

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What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is name given to a deep cleaning of the tenanted property before a new tenant moves in.

Did You Know?

General or non non-professional cleaning is the major cause of dispute between landlords and tenants at the end of tenancy.

Do We Need Tenancy Cleaning?

For Landlords:

Ensures your property is spotless for the new tenant moving in.

For Tenants:

Most likely required by your tenancy agreement.

What If You Don’t?

In most cases your estate agent or landlord is withing their rights to deduct the cost of cleaning from your deposit.

For better cleaning and hassle free service, hire professional tenancy cleaners.