Whether you happen to wipe the floor, tables, kitchen, walls or anything other paraphernalia in your household, as long as those things are present in the boundary walls of your house, they will require your undivided attention at all times (or at least three times a week).

Most of the times, there will always be something that will end up displaying a dilapidated look if you neglect it for a prolonged period of time. Find out what those things are.


1. Walls & Ceilings

The reason why walls and ceilings are neglected in the first place are because they happen to be one of the most difficult places to reach and bar far the most difficult place to clean. If you have absolutely no means of climbing up a ladder to clean the dirty part of the wall, then cleaning it becomes an even bigger problem.

However, what you should realize is that the dirt will eventually spread to the remaining parts of the wall, should you choose to wait.

If you happen to live near the sea, then you can be certain that there will be an increase of natural weathering thanks to the nearby sea, increasing the rate at which your wall start to decay. Start cleaning and get to it. Hire professional cleaners for move in – move out cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or monthly house cleaning services.

2. Washing Machine

If one machine is doing your bidding by cleaning a copious amount of clothes in just 30 minutes, don’t you think the machine deserves just a little of your effort to keep it working in tip top condition.

Using bleach to kill the germs and chlorine to help sanitize the machine will be your best bet. That’s not all. Every once a month, you should fill up the washing machine with hot water, and after that, add bleach to it to prevent the last remnants of germs once and for all.

3. Pillows

If pillows offer you substantial amount of comfort in help you sleep peacefully, then you should give the pillows the necessary respect by maintaining their comfort level as well.

Most pillows can be machine washed (be sure to check the label before proceeding). Using liquid detergent will be the most expedient way to help expedite the process.The process should be repeated every 2 – 3 months to keep the pillows in the best condition possible.