If you’re not a professional then it might be difficult to know about the right way to clean your chesterfields and upholsteries, but it might not be that difficult to get along once you’ll go through these techniques.

upholstery-cleaningFirst of all you should always check whether your upholstery and furniture are detachable or not, many of us never bother to check this and go through a lot of trouble while cleaning there furniture. So try to make things as much convenient as possible and serve a little time just to make sure you’re not wasting too much extra time and energy for no apparent reason.

It’s a good practice that you should always vacuum your sofa, couch or chair to get rid of as much surface dust as possible before using any kind of upholstery cleaning products, this will help you get rid of a lot of dirt which after getting wet with water becomes slimy and requires more effort to wear off. It’s also recommended that you should use a soft brush attachment on vacuum cleaner to avoid any damage to the fabric.

Now first, for all the visible and gloomy stains you should use spot-cleaning technique, the way to do is, take a baby wipe apply some of the cleaning product of your choice, now rub it on the stain and it’ll fade away shortly. Baby wipes are ideal because of their gentle and dry nature they cause no damage to furniture and are easy to manage and rub.

For thorough cleaning use soapy foam on a microfiber cloth and carefully rub it on your sofa without applying too much pressure, in any case don’t rub it to hard or on a single spot for too long. Let the surface soak the foam but be careful not to use too much water or it will over saturate the material and damage the fabric. For leather sofas use as little water as possible because excess of water will dry out the surface leaving cracks.

Now for the drying part the way to go is letting it dry on a natural course rather than using driers, it’s evident that better results appear going the natural way. You may let it dry under sunlight for a while.

All in all these techniques will help you get the job done, but if the time is a major concern for you or if your furniture is very expensive and delicate for you to try on your own then it’s better to hire professionals like End OF Tenancy Cleaning Bromley. They’ll do the job with the optimum results.