We all know cleaning is not that easy. Every home has a number of different appliances, furniture and knickknacks that require regular or frequent cleaning, to make sure they work fine and are not a health threat for you and your family. However, everybody is looking for smarter ways to clean simply and save time and energy without compromising results of cleaning job. Some really generous people do share their incredible ideas for cleaning smart and fast—a big thanks to all those people.

Below are some good tips for you to clean easily without worrying about the quality of work.

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Your grills get really hard to clean after use? Well, how awesome it is just to prevent a problem from happening before hand—just rub a half cut onion on your grills before grilling your food, and cook whatever you prefer, it won’t stick and you can cook freely without worrying about hard cleaning later. However, for stuck on grease just add few drops of grease-cut solution in warm water (about a glass) mix well and then use a sponge to clean the greasy grills. Then rinse well and you’re done.

A true nightmare! Those white splotches that appear on table after you serve some really hot dishes and place them directly on the table. Guys there’s a remedy but make sure you don’t place hot or over-warm dishes on the table directly, always use a table linen, not only it saves the surface of your table from these heat spots but also dirt and stains. Anyways, all you need to do is just take two or three cotton cloth pieces, spray them lightly with water and layer them up on one and other. Now place them over the mark and then heat up your iron (medium heat) and then iron the layered cloth, don’t place it over stationary! Move it over the entire cloth, you need to press and iron for about half minute and you’re done.

We all love microfiber upholstery; it’s soft and it looks really nice but the down side is it gets dirty and messy a lot, a little accidental slip of coffee cup and ‘holy cow!’ but here’s a great tip to clear off these nasty stains from your microfiber upholstery, you need some isopropyl alcohol and a sponge (make sure that the sponge is colorless or at least of the same color that your upholstery is), spray some alcohol over the sponge and then dab the sponge on the stain, slowly and gently rub the sponge over the stain and it’ll vanish.

Apart from general cleaning, your home requires deep-cleaning every so often. So, it’s a good idea that every once or twice a year you should hire professionals, End of tenancy Cleanersuse their service to get the your house spotless clean. It will be a lot easy to maintain spotless cleaning with just light regular cleaning