Grease happens to be one of the most displeasing forms of stains that can be placed anywhere in your home. Fortunately, with these easy tips, you will easily be able to get rid of this stained burden and plan out methods to fortify your home against future grease attacks.

1. Using the potent combination of baking soda and water

indexIt’s simply fascinating how the most simple of items; when combined together can become extremely effective mixtures. That being said, take a look at baking soda and water. Though most of the credit goes to baking soda, you cannot argue that both things make the perfect match to provide a cleaning mixture. In short, baking soda is an alkali, and what is the purpose of alkali? To remove ‘hard to remove grease’. Another advantage is that it is a mild alkali, which means that while it is busy removing the grease, it will not spoil your hands or the other dishes.

2. Using vinegar

Vinegar is extremely helpful for removing those tough grease spots that have latched themselves on to ovens, stoves and other cooking apparatus. In order to remove these tough spots, spray vinegar directly on to the targeted part and let the vinegar properly settle itself for a period of five minutes. Since vinegar is acidic in its properties, it will dissolve the sprayed area which can later be removed with a soft sponge. Unlike baking soda, Vinegar doesn’t disembowel grease but since it breaks down the stain by a huge scale, the stain can easily be removed with a cloth, making the process a whole lot easier.

3. Salt and rubbing alcohol

If grease ends up spilling on your non washable fabrics, which can range from rugs, cushions, carpets and many more, then mixing salt with alcohol is the way to go. Mixture one part of salt with four parts of alcohol and start using a cloth to dip in to the solution and start rubbing on the targeted area. After rubbing it, rinse with water and leave the fabric to dry. You will see soon enough that the stain has been washed away.