Whether it is food leftovers, peeled off layers of fruit and vegetables or some old frozen food, garbage disposal will take them all in. Regardless of any shape, size or color difference, this guy will obliterate anything and everything that is fed to him or pose a threat to kitchen neatness. Having this strenuous job this guy doesn’t stop, keeping our kitchen neat and clean and playing the vital role in ensuring our kitchen stays clear of any bacterial growth due to spoiled food and food leftovers. But it’s only fair if you return the favor every once in a while. You see garbage disposal needs cleaning too, if you drain soapy water, it doesn’t mean it gets clean, it requires thorough cleaning to make sure it stays germ free and works okay.

Before we get to the cleaning part here are some important tips to make sure your devices stays in optimal working condition:

Guys, be very selective and careful of what you throw down the drain; make sure there’s nothing that will cause clogging or even worse damage your device.

Be sure that you don’t overuse your machine; there is no need to throw every possible waste in it, divide your garbage. Some can go into the garbage-can while the other can go into the garbage disposal.

Keep a check on your machine and make sure the blades stay sharp and in working condition.

Now comes the cleaning part: You can hire professional cleaners to get the job done for you.

First you need to make vinegar ice cubes, get a separate ice-tray for the purpose. Fill the cavities with vinegar, use some lemon peels to get the odor in control. Now, take about half cup of baking soda and sprinkle it down the disposal—make sure the blades are covered with it. Then pour about one full cup of vinegar in the disposal as well, the mixture will react and fizzle—so don’t get worried.

Let it be for a few minutes and get some hot water, pour the water right in. then, fill the drain those vinegar ice cubes. Pour a cup of salt (rock salt preferably) over the cubes and turn on the garbage disposal until the ice is gone. The purpose of ice and salt mixture is to help loosen the grime and debris from the blades. Then, in the last add lemon slices in the running disposal, the lemons will help clean and deodorize your drain, and you’re done.

Apart from appliance cleaning, your home requires deep-cleaning every so often. So, it’s a good idea that every once or twice a year you should hire professionals tenancy cleaners. Use their service to get the your house spotless clean. It will be a lot easy to maintain spotless cleaning with just light regular cleaning.