Cleaning Children’s Room Fast & Easy

Every mum knows this, when it comes to cleaning the house, one of the hardest places to start is children’s room. Picture everything misplaced, closet door open, cloths and sports equipment lurking, all sorts of clutter heaps small and big—mini-map of Utah, drawings which begin from the paper top and mostly end on the walls, and to make sure mommy doesn’t see that the little virtuoso comes up with the idea of erasing those drawings by using a different color crayons instead. That’s just the small picture, there’s a lot more that’s hiding under it, and all this literary makes you think can we get Microsoft to make some wall-paint programs for children—a billion dollar idea! You’re welcome Gates, anytime.TP11_LittleKid

Apart from all jokes, seriously though it’s a really a big hustle, cleaning children’s room. So, here is how you can clean it fast and easy.

Start the cleaning by de-cluttering the entire place; get a trash bag and start putting all those broken toys, broken stationary, worn out sports kits and punctured balls and shredded pieces of paper and give them for recycling. Now, after that you need to get another bag and start dumping all those out-of-fitting cloths, old toys and small action figures that your child have grown out of, sell them or give them for charity whichever. Place everything back that’s misplaced.

Get your tenancy cleaning supplies and put them in a bucket, tray or in your apron pockets, just make sure they stay with you. Now get all the dirty cloth in the laundry basket along with bed sheets and pillow covers, throw them in the washing machine run the machine and while it goes down go back for the cleaning.

Clean and wipe ceiling fans, ceiling light and  fixtures, use a dust mop or microfiber cloth, then clean and wipe all the table tops, shelves, knickknacks and frames. Use spot cleaning if required; general stains and surface cleaning can be done with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

Then, vacuum the place, vacuum the floor thoroughly, don’t forget to vacuum under the bed. Vacuum the closet too, use brush attachment for upholstery and curtains. Then mop the floor, with a microfiber mop; toss down some floor cleaner and wipe the floor, turn the fan on to dry the floor.

Now, get all the cloths out of the machine and hang them to dry. Replace all the bed covers and pillow cases with fresh and clean ones. And you’re finally done.

Apart from general cleaning, your home requires deep-cleaning every so often. So, it’s a good idea that every once or twice a year you should hire professionals, “end of tenancy cleaners Wembley” use their service to get the your house spotless clean. It will be a lot easy to maintain spotless cleaning with just light regular cleaning.