4 Reasons Why We Should Hire Professional Cleaners

Let’s face it, for most of us a normal degree dusting and mopping is enough to get us along the week. But the truth is it’s not, if you’re living without bothering to much to get your house cleaned then there’s a fair amount of chance that you’ll fall sick more than people with better hygiene. Why is that, well, following are the answers.

Professional Cleaners

  • Toxins, pesticides, gases, mites, and molds are everywhere and the more you get exposed to them the greater the chance of you falling ill there is, Pesticide exposure can cause a range of neurological health effects such as memory loss, loss of coordination, reduced speed of response to stimuli, reduced visual ability, altered or uncontrollable mood and general behavior, and reduced motor skills. How their exposure to you increases? That’s right! Someone didn’t clean the room this week.
  • Lead-poisoning is another great threat, its main cause is the lead used in building material and usage in paints, nearly 900,000 children in America alone fall sick due to lead poisoning every year. Lead interferes with a variety of body processes and is toxic to many organs and tissues including the heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, and reproductive and nervous systems. So it becomes important that you get your house cleaned professionally and check for high concentration of lead.
  • House dust mites and dust particles, they can cause different type of allergies and respiratory problems. For asthmatic people they become a nightmare as they are sure to worsen their condition, dust-mites pose a threat because no matter how good your vacuum cleaner is you can’t get rid of all these guys from your carpets and rugs, so the best way to get these out of the equation is calling out professional help; End of tenancy cleaning ”.
  • Allergens like mold and other organisms can grow on places where there is continuous moisture or stays for long time, mostly slow leaking taps, under the sinks and even in your carpets and rugs. Shower stalls and basements are also some typical moist areas prone to the growth of molds. They can cause some serious itchy eyes, coughing and rashes. So it becomes necessary to get rid of them.

So this makes it imperative for us to at least get our houses professionally cleaned once in a year.