3 biggest cleaning mistakes you should avoid

Window CleaningCleaning might not sound a very technical or complex procedure but mostly it is. It’s not that simple to clean with all the necessary precaution and suitable methods. Cleaning the right way requires dire amount of experience and expertise to conduct the job with best possible results and a job-well-done.

However, while cleaning there are a number of things you should keep in mind, in order to make sure you are cleaning the way it is supposed to and avoid all the unnecessary mistakes that affect your quality of work and efficiency.

  • The most common mistake of all—washing windows on a sunny day. Actually it’s so common that it’s not even considered as a mistake at all, actually cleaner dries up much more quickly in direct sunlight, leaving streaks on window-glass. So, whatever season it is, the ideal time to clean windows is late afternoon or evening, or when the skies are full of clouds, and the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. If it’s a must do thing and you can’t wait for weather then improvise your method; swap your microfiber cloth for a window squeegee, as squeegees cover more area and are way more effective.
  • Another big mistake is the use of general cleaners on electronic devices; electronic screens are not your regular window or door glass, so using window cleaners on them is just simply pointless. Electronics like television, mobile phones and computers are delicate and may not endure your cleaning treatment. They can get damaged by general cleaning products. The best method for cleaning is using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe the microfiber with specialized electronic cleaners or screen cleaners to avoid any scratches and damages. Before using the cleaner, spray the cloth with a fine mist of water first for stubborn dust. You can also use cotton swabs, canned air, and spray cleaners designed specifically for electronics.
  • This is one of the most common mistakes we all make; avoiding the manual script instructions. No matter how smart you are, you should always read the instructions while cleaning your product, there are a number of things that you might miss and get things damaged. If you don’t properly rinse your marble floor before using your cleaner you might end up with scratches on every marble piece etc.

For keeping your house tidy and clean it’s a good idea that every once in a while (twice a year) you should call up professional cleaners like “End of tenancy cleaning”. These experts can get house clean with the most optimal results. Thorough and deep cleaning requires equipment, methods and experience to make sure that everything is spotless and polished to a T,  it something one cannot do on his own.