10 Easy Tips For Squeaky Clean Bedroom

  1. Always place a dustbin in your room so that all wrapper and annoying pieces of paper have a place to dwell. Make a habit of emptying your dustbin twice a week rather than waiting for it to topple first.
  2. Organize your room intelligently. Place your bed opposite to your closet; give all the bulky stuff like sofa and study table the corners, so that when you do some dusting there’s enough room to displace these bulky guys aside. Keep only the things of daily use out and the rest in your cupboard and drawers. And you’ll end up with something like this.
  3. Make it a habit to iron all your cloths and hang them in your closet and for the dirty ones a separate laundry basket so that you don’t wake up every day with your laundry lying here and there.
  4. Get a separate pair of slippers for your bathroom, not only it helps get rid of a lot of germs and bacteria but also helps keep the floor from getting soggy, leaving a trail of footsteps to your bed every time.Bedroom Cleaning
  5. Dusting, mopping and wiping frequently (thrice a week) is absolutely necessary, so don’t hesitate doing it yourself. Just get a dusting mitt or a piece of cloth and dust of your table, bed, utilities. If you have a hardwood floor then wash it sweep it. If it’s carpeted then, plug in the vacuum cleaner and move it across, twice the entire carpet, under your bed and small rugs. It’s a good idea to shake small rugs out in the air so that they get rid of the hardened dust.
  6. Throw away the stuff that you’re no longer interested in using, give it in charity or pass it along to a friend. There’s no point in keeping things that are cluttering your room with no use at all. Organize your stuff; dedicate portions in your cupboard for sports equipment, study related items and gaming console etc.
  7. Once a season or so you should call in professionals like Bromley End Of Tenancy Cleaners and let them redo and clean everything thoroughly and professionally, because not only the whole house gets neat and orderly but also a number of varied bacteria dwelling in carpets, rugs, walls and ceiling are dealt with properly.
  8. Organize your daily use things like scissors, stationary, glue, papers etc. in boxes so that they don’t get misplaced. Also use cleansers and polish to clean your desk, mirrors and computer etc. twice a week.
  9. Try not to eat your food in your room instead go to the dining table and have it there; it’s called dinning for a reason. If you happen to have a snack or a sandwich in your room then try to eat it carefully rather than slobbering the entire thing on your bed or table and blaming the ketchup company for stains.
  10. It’s a good idea to use air fresheners in your room not only they help keep the room aromatic and fresh but also keep the flies and other spooky little fellas away.